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One Day Tour

Half-Day Tour - L’Escalier Tete Chien Experience

This tour takes approximately three and a half hours. 9.30AM:  L’Escalier Tete Chien Tour (3 Hours 30 minutes) The L’Escalier Tete Chien Experience will lead you to discover the legend, the culture and the wonderful natural beauty surrounds the Kalinago people. The trail to L’escalier Tete Chien consists of beautiful scenic views, with some interesting flora.  For example medicinal herbs such as gloricida, several types of bromeliad, white cedar (well known for making canoes), babawa (used as a drug to catch fish in the river), naked Indian or red gommier and bois kassav. The Castle Bruce Bay, Martinique, and the stony beach with the Madgni Cascade can also be seen from the trail. At the foot of the l’escalier Tete Chien, an impressive lava formation emerges dramatically from the sea to the foot of the cliffs. These lava dykes are formed by lava forcing through a crack in a volcano which then becomes hard and impermeable rock.  The Kalinago believe that the rock took the shape of the great snake from the legend. At the bottom there are wonderful pools created by the erosion.  On a calm day, take a soak in these pools which will relax you and regenerate your senses. A second trail will take you to Majini pool. This path is part of the Waitukubuli National Trail. When you reach Majini Pool, you will see a big rock emerging from the pool and surrounded by luxurious vegetation. A long time ago, when the river was very wide and deep and could accommodate all types of creatures, the children were afraid to bathe in the pool as it was said that a mermaid lived under the rock. Today, the pool offers the chance for a nice refreshing swim. 1.00 PM:            Lunch 2.30 PM:            End of the tour Note: Day Tour includes 1 lunch, and is valid for minimum of two (2) persons. Total Cost: US$ 42 per person

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