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The Sineku Improvement Committee Sineku is the southern-most village in the Carib Territory. The Sineku Improvement Committee was formed in 1992 and is registered through the Carib Council. The group has assisted in the construction of the Resource Centre, the development of the pre-school and footpaths in the area, and the upgrading of  L'Escalier Tete Chien. Presently the Group manages the Resource Center and pre-school and actively participates in the Community National Service.  They are also in charge of the Rehabilitation project of the L’escalier Tete Chien and Majini area. The legends of the Caribs make Sineku an original and unique location. The Group plans to develop a restaurant, a venue for cultural performance, sporting activities in the playground, hikes, garden tours, a traditional culinary and arts demonstration venue and a picnic area.

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